Valeria Fernandez

Valeria Fernandez, Master Aesthetician

Skin Consultation: $50 - 30 min.
Are you looking for a way to get a comprehensive skin assessment and personalized treatment plan from the comfort of your home? Look no further than our virtual consultations! With our licensed esthetician, you can get an expert evaluation of your current skincare routine or receive assistance in crafting the ideal regimen for your skin type. The best part? The cost of the consultation will be applied towards any recommended products so you can invest in your radiant skin journey with confidence.

Flawless Signature Treatment: $199- 1hr
Are you looking for a skin reset? The Signature Treatment is a powerful combination of medical-grade antioxidants and acids that can effectively address various skin issues such as sun damage, large pores, uneven texture, lines, and wrinkles. In this advanced treatment, you will be double cleansed, and medical-grade products will be used to help brighten and revitalize your complexion. It requires little to no downtime. Boost your skincare routine and enjoy a more radiant and refreshed look.

*Includes a comprehensive skin assessment.

Add-ons: Dermaplaning: $50

VI Peel: $350- 1 hr
The VI Peel treatment is a highly effective skincare procedure that can transform your skin, providing a rejuvenating experience that requires 7-12 days of downtime. This peel is designed with precision to address a range of common skin concerns, such as acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, and aging. By offering a targeted and comprehensive solution, this treatment can help you achieve a radiant complexion that you'll be proud to show off.
*Includes a comprehensive skin assessment.

Treatment Prep:
Preparing your skin beforehand is important to get the most out of the treatment. We advise you to discontinue the use of retinol and other exfoliating products at least 5 days before your scheduled procedure. This precaution ensures that your skin is ready for the upcoming treatment and will help optimize the results.

VI Peel Neck: $100

Acne Bootcamp: $199-1hr.
Are you ready to commit to achieving clear skin? You will be double-cleansed in this treatment, and a chemical peel will be applied, specifically chosen for your skin's concerns. After the skin is softened from the peel, I will proceed with thorough extractions.

*Includes a comprehensive skin assessment.
**A full boot camp regimen is required before you qualify for this treatment!

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